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YL Ventures is headed by Managing Partner Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf, Partner John G. Quigley, and Partner Ofer Schreiber, who make all investment decisions. The broader YL Ventures team has decades of accumulated expertise in early-stage venture capital as well as industry recognition for building, molding and exiting successful technology startups.


Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf

Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf, Managing Partner

Mr. Leitersdorf has been a successful tech entrepreneur and investor for the past two decades.  YL Ventures, which he founded, invests early in cyber security, drone technologies, cloud computing, big data and Software-as-a-Service software companies, and accelerates their evolution via strategic advice and Silicon Valley-based operational execution.  YL Ventures is currently investing out of its $27.5 million second fund.

Mr. Leitersdorf currently serves on the boards of five YL Ventures portfolio companies: Karamba Security (automotive cybersecurity), Twistlock (virtual container security), Hexadite (automated cyber incident response), Seculert (cloud-based malware detection), and Upstream Commerce (online retail intelligence). Mr. Leitersdorf served on the boards of FireLayers (security, compliance and IT governance for cloud applications and data) until it was acquired by Proofpoint, BlazeMeter (self-service performance testing cloud) until it was acquired by CA Technologies, ClickTale (customer experience analytics) until YL Ventures' holdings were acquired by Amadeus Capital, and AcceloWeb (browser experience optimization) until it was acquired by Limelight Networks.

Mr. Leitersdorf was the CEO and cofounder of Movota (mobile gaming) acquired by Bertelsmann, the CTO and cofounder of ExchangePath (online payments) acquired by CMGI, and the CEO and cofounder of PcEntertainer Magazine.  Yoav was also an associate at DFJ Gotham Ventures, studied at IMD, and holds an MBA with honors from Columbia University.

Mr. Leitersdorf's expertise and work has been extensively featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Wired, TechCrunch, Re/code, VentureBeat, InformationWeek, SC Magazine, The Next Web and other publications. He also participates in well-known events including the Code Conference by Re/code and Fortune Brainstorm TECH.

John G. Quigley

John G. Quigley, Partner

John G. Quigley is a longtime principal investor.  As a founder and managing partner of Nassau Capital, established in the mid-90s as the sole manager of the Princeton endowment’s alternative assets, Mr. Quigley has invested across the spectrum of private equity, venture capital, real estate and energy, both in funds and directly.  Nassau Capital’s investment performance during the decade following its launch fueled a period of extraordinary growth by the Princeton endowment.

Mr. Quigley was a partner of one of the pioneering leveraged buyout investment firms during the 1980s.  Thereafter he was co-founder of the merchant banking arm of a major international bank.  He began his career as an attorney with Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago.  Mr. Quigley has served as a director of companies in a wide range of industries, and as an advisory board member of several private equity funds.

Mr. Quigley is a graduate of Georgetown (A.B., summa cum laude), Stanford (J.D., M.B.A.) and Columbia (M.Phil.).  For many years he has taught courses on private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial finance, most recently at Stanford Law School, and previously at Princeton, Columbia and NYU. 

Ofer Schreiber

Ofer Schreiber, Partner

Ofer Schreiber, Partner at YL Ventures, has broad responsibilities across deal sourcing, investment due diligence and portfolio company value-add. Mr. Schreiber currently serves as a board observer of Karamba Security (automotive cybersecurity), Twistlock (virtual container security) and Hexadite (automated cyber incident response). Mr. Schreiber served as a board observer of FireLayers (security, compliance and IT governance for cloud applications and data) until it was acquired by Proofpoint.

Mr. Schreiber joined the firm as Analyst in 2009 from IVC Research Center where he spent nearly three years researching and analyzing the technology and venture capital industry. While at IVC, he specialized in the telecommunications, Internet and mobile sectors and also conducted research relating to investment firms.

Mr. Schreiber holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Tel Aviv University. He served in an elite technological unit of the Intelligence Corps in the Israel Defense Forces.

Iren Reznikov

Iren Reznikov, Analyst

Iren Reznikov, Analyst at YL Ventures, is focused on deal sourcing, investment due diligence and research.

Ms. Reznikov joined the firm from the Israeli Ministry of Finance’s International Affairs Department, where as Analyst of international Economic Policy she specialized in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and other macro-economic factors of the Israeli economy. On behalf of the Israeli government, Ms. Reznikov negotiated Free Trade Agreements, Bilateral Investment Treaties and financial protocols with Israel’s trading partners.

In addition, she was an Israel-China Economic Leaders Fellow, working at the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel within the China-Israel Economic Task Force to develop strategic initiatives for the strengthening of Israel’s economic relations with China.

Ms. Reznikov holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Economics and Political Science from Hebrew University.

Sharon Seemann

Sharon Seemann, Marketing Director

Sharon Seemann, Marketing Director at YL Ventures, is focused on the firm’s branding, marketing strategy and public relations.


Ms. Seemann joined the firm from S.Horowitz & Co. law firm, where as Associate in the commercial litigation department, she represented international and domestic companies on a broad range of general contractual and commercial disputes. She also advised on varied regulatory, ministerial and governmental affairs. In addition, Ms. Seemann clerked with Supreme Court Justice Uzi Vogelman.


Prior to that, Ms. Seemann worked for three years as Information Specialist at IVC Research Center, where she performed research and analysis related to the technology and venture capital industry, with a focus on Israeli high-tech companies, investment firms and service providers.


Ms. Seemann holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Tel Aviv University and she is an MBA candidate at Tel Aviv University. She served in an elite technological unit of the Intelligence Corps in the Israel Defense Forces.

Katy Campana

Katy Campana, Operations Manager

Katy Campana joined the YL Ventures team in 2012 as Operations Manager, initially part-time and now fulltime.  In this role, she works directly with Managing Partner Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf, supporting various business processes at YL Ventures and its portfolio companies.


Prior to YL Ventures, Katy assisted global corporations in the relocation of their international and domestic transferees.  Katy’s experience also includes over 10 years as Business Conference Manager, and also as Executive Assistant at a venture capital firm specializing in biotech and pharma.


Katy graduated from San Francisco State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management Administration.

From the first meeting with YL Ventures’ team we realized we’re dealing with true professionals, but we couldn’t imagine how great their support and involvement would be in such a short period of time. Right from the start Yoav & Ofer acted as part of the founding team, providing invaluable support in all aspects of our business - from giving us strategic advice through connecting us with their broad business network and helping with marketing efforts. We couldn’t ask for better partners!"

Ami Dotan
Co-Founder and CEO
Karamba Security

YL Ventures was one of the first to believe in Hexadite and in its potential. Yoav and Ofer have been an invaluable source of support and information as they have taken an active role in the growth of the company, all from strategic advice to marketing campaigns and to most importantly generating leads and connecting Hexadite with top tier CISOs from various verticals. YL Ventures is an amazing partner for startup entrepreneurs!"

Eran Barak
Co-Founder and CEO

Yoav is providing us with unbelievable support. We can’t thank him enough. YL Ventures is a true partner for startup entrepreneurs!"

Doron A. Elgressy
Co-Founder and President

YL Ventures has been an invaluable ally to Seculert at every step of the company's evolution. Yoav shares our vision of Seculert providing the world’s most advanced cloud-based malware detection service. His financial support is obvious: the first dollar invested in the company, more capital each subsequent round and spearheading our securing additional financing at the optimal point thereafter. Beyond that, he provides the type of sage advice, insights and hands-on involvement critical to growing the company to be strategically well-positioned as a leader in this exciting and dynamic market."

Dudi Matot

YL Ventures has played a key role in evolving ClickTale to where it is today. This firm will do everything it takes for its startups to succeed. It has opened its broad network of excellent relevant contacts to us, providing us with first-rate access to board members, employees, customers and partners."

Tal Schwartz
Co-Founder and CEO

Yoav's personal commitment to us was strong from investment to exit. He rolled up his sleeves and worked hard for AcceloWeb. He was responsive and efficient – getting back to us quickly, prioritizing our needs at the top."

Ofer Gadish
Co-Founder and CEO