We help today’s Israeli cybersecurity innovators become tomorrow’s global industry leaders with the capital, network, and experience they need to dominate their markets.
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It’s never too early

We accelerate the most brilliant cybersecurity entrepreneurs as early as their ideation phase, before we even invest. Leverage our domain expertise, experience and hands-on support to gain early market validation for your ideas. Tap into our extensive network of Fortune 500 CISOs and top cybersecurity experts for feedback directly from potential customers.

Our cybersecurity focus keeps you ahead of the market

Our team and extended network are rooted in the global cybersecurity industry and uniquely positioned to support its most game-changing solutions. With extensive industry knowledge, presence in both Silicon Valley and Israel, a Venture Advisory board of leading CISOs and a CISO-in-Residence, we offer industry-tailored resources to complement the rare skills and talent of our portfolio teams.

We offer 360° value-add support

We help companies grow from seed to lead with a large dedicated team of in-house multidisciplinary specialists, an Advisory Board of over 90 cybersecurity luminaries and a network of thousands of industry experts. Leverage our extensive value-add support, both strategic and tactical in customer discovery, business development, go-to-market, marketing, human resources, budgeting, competitive analysis, market research and more.

Your success is our only priority

Our highly selective strategy directs us towards the highest tier of Israeli cybersecurity innovation. This laser-focus on a limited number of companies enables us to dedicate the full breadth of our resources from seed to growth. Seize our collaborative attention and guidance with individualized support from strategy-building and seed funding through follow-on investments.

We see our founders as true partners

Lior Yaari Co-Founder & CEO Grip Security
The value we receive extends beyond customer introduction and includes business strategy, hiring, marketing, and much more. YL Ventures mapped the challenges of early-stage startups and built a vehicle that not only improves the company's outcome but becomes an enabler for many initiatives.
Amit Kanfer Co-Founder & CEO Build Security
YL Ventures is not just a VC that gives you funding, it's much more than that. It's a whole ecosystem of support around marketing, HR, content writing, customers, and other lead investors, with a lot of experience around cybersecurity.
Roy Erlich Co-Founder & CEO Enso Security
The amazing marketing team worked very closely with us from the beginning of the launch process, building our content, messaging, and helping us to implement a full marketing plan. Since the moment we signed with YL, I feel like I have added dozens of professional people to my team.
Eldad Chai Co-Founder & CEO Satori Cyber
YL Ventures brings a fast-paced and unique approach to the world of VCs with long-term thinking and incredible industry knowledge. We value our relationships with the team, who through their remarkable strategic advice and hands-on support, became an extension of our own.
Lior Levy Co-Founder & CEO Cycode
The marketing support we received from YL Ventures was awesome from the very beginning. From the launch to marketing automation, running campaigns, and building our website and messaging, the entire team has helped us move from stealth to spotlight in weeks.
Avi Shua Co-Founder & CEO Orca Security
YL Ventures sets the gold standard for value-add VCs. From its incredibly talented team to its unparalleled industry network, YLV houses the perfect support structure for Israeli-based cybersecurity startups.
Tomer Kazaz Co-Founder & CTO Hunters.AI
YL Ventures is truly the best investor with whom I’ve ever worked. The whole team effectively acts as an extension to our team helping us in market research, marketing activities, and, most importantly, introductions to potential customers and partners.
Yaniv Bar-Dayan Co-Founder & CEO Vulcan Cyber
From the moment we started working together, it seemed like the YL Ventures team never sleeps. They worked continuously to put us in front of potential clients, investors, partners, and industry experts, all providing us with priceless feedback crucial for building a successful company.
Jonathan Langer Co-founder & CEO Medigate
YL Ventures embodies the true essence of a value-add investor. The team at YL Ventures has been incredibly helpful in terms of connecting us to strategic partners and clients, and providing valuable research, and answering the day-to-day questions that entrepreneurs deal with.
Ami Dotan Co-Founder & CEO Karamba Security
From the first meeting with the YL Ventures team, we realized that we’re dealing with true professionals. We couldn’t imagine how great their support and involvement could be in such a short period of time.
Dean Sysman Co-Founder & CEO Axonius (Exited to late-stage investors)
YL Ventures is an incredibly supportive fund and we couldn’t be happier to have them on our side as investors. They have been leveraging their active network of strategic partners, potential customers, and follow-on investors to assist us in creating an initial footprint and ongoing growth.
Ben Bernstein Co-Founder & CEO Twistlock (Acquired by Palo Alto Networks)
YL Ventures has a terrific reputation amongst ex-IDF cyber security veterans, and now we understand why – they are super sharp, have a very relevant Silicon Valley business network, and they move fast when they see something they like. All these qualities were very appealing and relevant in our case.
Eran Barak Co-Founder & CEO Hexadite (Acquired By Microsoft)
YL Ventures has been an invaluable source of support and information as they have taken an active role in the growth of the company, from strategic advice to marketing campaigns, generating leads, and connecting us with top-tier CISOs from various verticals.
Yair Grindlinger Co-Founder & CEO FireLayers (Acquired by Proofpoint)
YL Ventures delivered financial backing, market, media, and analyst relationships, introductions to investors, and helped with senior executives and board member recruiting. You pushed to make tough decisions, keep the budget under control, and the eyes on the ball. But most importantly, you were real partners every step of the way.
Alon Girmonsky Founder & CEO BlazeMeter (Acquired by CA Technologies)
Yoav was one of the first to believe in us, and since then we have come to rely on his astute guidance and insights. Yoav is a visionary, big-picture thinker, marvelously attuned to the evolution of cloud computing, where it is going and the market opportunities it is creating. He has an uncanny knack for knowing what ponds to fish in and is tightly-connected with leading industry mavens.
Tal Schwartz Co-Founder & CEO Clicktale (Exited to Amadeus Capital Partners)
YL Ventures has played a key role in evolving Clicktale to where it is today. This firm will do everything it takes for its startups to succeed. It has opened its broad network of excellent relevant contacts to us, providing us with first-rate access to board members, employees, customers and partners.
Amos Peleg Co-Founder & CEO Upstream Commerce (Acquired By Walmart)
Yoav understands the entrepreneurial process, with significant experience as a former entrepreneur – so a great sounding board for the team. He is a supportive partner who stands behind us. Yoav’s style is that of openness, straightforwardness and transparency.
Dudi Matot Co-Founder & CEO Seculert (acquired by Radware)
YL Ventures has been an invaluable ally to Seculert at every step of the company's evolution. They shared our vision of Seculert providing the world’s most advanced cloud-based malware detection service. Beyond the financial support, they provided the type of sage advice, insights, and hands-on involvement critical to growing the company to be strategically well-positioned as a leader in this exciting and dynamic market.
Ofer Gadish Co-Founder & CEO AcceloWeb (Acquired by Limelight Networks)
YL Ventures was invaluable in terms of introductions to customers, partners, suppliers, contractors and potential acquirers. In addition, the firm introduced us to management and board member candidates, helped with interviewing, and was instrumental in convincing candidates to join our team.