We fund & support brilliant
Israeli cybersecurity entrepreneurs
from seed to lead.


Tap the world’s largest network of expert cybersecurity advisors.

Harness the potential of our global network of Venture Advisors. These industry veterans manage over $1 trillion in cybersecurity budgets and operate as executives of Fortune 500 companies and top brands including Nike, Spotify, Levi’s, SAP, Akamai and more…

Leverage our deep cybersecurity expertise to achieve global reach.

Cybersecurity is our exclusive focus and area of expertise. Extensive experience and deep knowledge allow us to recognize the earliest signs of trends and opportunities to make smart and fast decisions when time-to-market matters most.

Amplify your capabilities with 360° venture value-add.

Dedicated value-add teams with singular cyber focus collaborate with entrepreneurs from day zero to accelerate their efforts towards global success. Help is always there when you need it and aligns with your unique vision and creative freedom.

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