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Thank you Forbes and Tony Bradley for the opportunity to share Managing Partner Yoav Leitersdorf's insights surrounding the extraordinary resilience of the Israeli tech ecosystem and its remarkable ability to sustain business continuity even amidst the most formidable challenges. “Israeli cybersecurity #startups solve acute #security challenges on a global scale, providing unprecedented value that - much like attackers - doesn’t disappear during global crises.” said Yoav. “Business continuity is an essential element in a startup’s growth, and our founders are determined to deliver, no matter what. They are communicating clearly with their customers, who are being supportive and appreciate their transparency and cooperation despite the current turmoil.” Gain a comprehensive view of the current state and future directions of the cybersecurity industry, as well as Yoav’s key insights on navigating investment trends and cutting through marketing noise

  • Nov. 16, 2023

Our team recently set out to understand what challenges the current down market conditions presents to enterprise security customers. Over the course of 40 interviews with distinguished cybersecurity executives hailing from a wide spectrum of verticals and company sizes, we collected responses to a series of questions about how their budgets have been impacted, what this means for their interactions with vendors and how security strategies have evolved in response.

  • Aug. 14, 2023

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"When it comes to the talent shortage, I encourage organizations to look inwards-consider training talent and exploring diversity. Prioritize retaining talent, rather than focusing your efforts solely on recruiting."
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