Dec. 17, 2019

Zen and the Art of Data Protection & Governance

By Ofer Schreiber

We're thrilled to announce that our newest portfolio company, Satori Cyber, has raised a $5.25M seed round led by YL Ventures! Founded by former Imperva senior executives, Eldad Chai (CEO) and Yoav Cohen (CTO), Satori's Secure Data Access Cloud is the first cybersecurity solution to accelerate data innovation and maximize data-driven competitive advantage!

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Why we invested in Satori Cyber

Awakening, or Satori in Japanese, is the Zen principle of sudden enlightenment. The term has many nuances that escape direct translation, but some of the clearest descriptions have likened it to seeing into one’s true nature and a swift breakthrough of thought.

Having spent the last decade specializing in cybersecurity investments, I have come to realize just how acutely the industry can use an awakening where digital transformation is concerned. While cloud adoption has propelled data-driven organizations forward in leaps and strides, it has also led to a significant reduction of data control and organized management, exposing enterprises to untenable risks in the process.

Enterprises are now generating, storing, and analyzing unprecedented amounts of data while also requiring broader and more efficient data access than ever before. However, increasing amounts of data and access requests, coupled with intensifying regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, represent progressively unmanageable security, privacy, and compliance risks.

It is precisely in light of these developments that we are thrilled to announce the launch of Satori Cyber, YL Ventures’ newest portfolio company and the industry’s first cybersecurity solution to accelerate data innovation and maximize data-driven competitive advantages.

Satori Cyber’s Secure Data Access Cloud is on a mission to help enterprises make sense of their data stores and flows. Founded by former Imperva senior executives Eldad Chai, CEO, and Yoav Cohen, CTO, Satori Cyber is the brainchild of cloud adoption experts with a long and rich history of jointly helping organizations navigate the security risks of digital transformation. Their artful approach to data security and innovation is a perfect reflection of their complementary strengths of business acumen and technical expertise—a combination that has provided them foreknowledge into the next most pressing requirement of data-driven organizations.

In fact, the harmony of Eldad and Yoav’s working relationship and personalities are what made the strongest impression on us from the first day we met them. Yoav’s possessed passion for the deeply technical potential of Satori perfectly balances with Eldad’s spirited vision for its commercial promise. As our relationship with the team developed and we connected them to many CISOs from our Venture Advisory Board, they were inundated with incredible direct feedback on how well they had managed to capture, resolve, and present an industry-wide problem touching enterprises at all phases of their cloud migration.

Satori Cyber is the impetus for data enlightenment for enterprises everywhere. By exposing the true nature of organizational data in real-time, this incredible solution is set to help them move into the next phase of their digital transformation. All of us at YL Ventures are very proud to be a part of this breakthrough. We look forward to seeing what kind of potential it will unlock in your organization.