Dec. 14, 2021

The CISO Circuit Report – TPRM (Edition 7)

This edition spotlights today's most pressing concerns around TPRM solutions and processes. Read on to discover what's behind the ongoing friction with TPRM, how much TPRM solutions factor into CISO decision-making, how else CISOs currently offset third-party risk, the future of TPRM and more!

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About the CISO Circuit

YL Ventures frequently confers with an extended network of prominent cybersecurity professionals, including our Venture Advisory Board and industry executives, to assess our portfolio prospects, inform market predictions and cultivate portfolio company business development. As such, we have established direct lines of communication with the global market’s preeminent CISOs and cybersecurity experts for ongoing insights into their thoughts, priorities, and opinions about the state of their organizational cybersecurity. 

We recognize the value this information presents to entrepreneurs, especially those wishing to enter the U.S. cybersecurity market, and to the cybersecurity community as a whole. For this reason, YL Ventures launched ‘The CISO Circuit’, an initiative under which we publish reports containing gathered intelligence for general use.