Jun. 15, 2020

Launching YL Ventures Magazine – A New Knowledge Hub for the Cybersecurity Community

By Sharon Seemann

We're excited to announce the launch of YL Ventures Magazine ⁠— spotlighting everything you need to know about the #cybersecurity industry to go from seed to lead! Explore original content by our multidisciplinary team of experts and gain insights from our Venture Advisory Board and network of top cybersecurity leaders. Discover #ValueAdd resources for building successful companies on #YLVAcademy and direct customer perspectives in our #CISOCurrent reports. Follow the growth of our portfolio companies as well as our activities and funding announcements. Keep up to date on our upcoming events and check out the video highlights of the ones you missed!

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I’m thrilled to announce the next phase of YL Ventures’ mission to bring value to the cybersecurity community: the launch of YL Ventures Magazine, our new and improved online resource for everything you need to know about the industry!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked diligently to create content that brings attention to important industry needs and trends, connects various sectors of the ecosystem to one another and generates added value to both Israeli entrepreneurs and the global cybersecurity community as a whole. This has resulted in a steady stream of insightful articles, thought leadership contributions, gatherings and data-driven reports on different market trends. After a great deal of thinking and brainstorming around how to turn this resource into a knowledge center, we created YL Ventures Magazine.

This project was inspired by our dedication to create a valuable, comprehensive and easy-to-navigate resource for entrepreneurs looking to break into and dominate the market, as well as alert cybersecurity leaders to the latest solutions to their enterprise security problems. It’s part of our wider push to bring meaningful contributions to the cybersecurity ecosystem to inspire the next generation of cutting edge technologies and solutions. This value-add vision permeates every aspect of our interactions with the industry, from bringing on a CISO-in-Residence to help entrepreneurs ideate; to introducing potential customers to entrepreneurs throughout our due diligence process and post-investment; to hosting community-wide events that bring the greatest cybersecurity minds together to discuss practical approaches to the market’s unresolved and anticipated needs.

As of today, YL Ventures Magazine readers will be able to tap into this trove of information in one place. Discover our original content featuring tips and perspectives from our team and extensive network of CISOs and cybersecurity leaders. Learn about critical customer needs and market opportunities with our quarterly CISO Current reports—featuring insights from our Venture Advisory Board of Fortune 500 CISOs and execs—and practical guides for building successful companies with YLV Academy‘s Value Add Playbooks and workshops. Keep up to date with our news and announcements and how our portfolio companies are breaking new ground. We’ve made sure to include an easy search feature and tagging system to create a simple and practical information navigation experience.

Recent events have made it difficult to gather our friends and partners in the same physical space. Undeterred, we’ve continued to find new ways to bring people together, such as with our recent “Ask a CISO” series of webinars that bring clarity to vendors unsure of how to move forward in these changing times. We hope that YL Ventures Magazine will continue along this vein to bring important information and ideas to the community and meet the curiosity that drives cybersecurity innovation forward.

We’re very excited about this launch. There are very few communities like the cybersecurity ecosystem we are so privileged to be a part of. It’s our absolute pleasure to help shed more light on its achievements and contribute to it however we can. Our door is always open for anyone looking to get in touch about partnerships, collaborations, suggestions, ideas, questions or feedback.

Thank you and happy reading!

Sharon & the YL Ventures Team